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Stop 3-Putting!

Simplify your putting motion. Putting is 50% of the game so spend 50% of your practice time on the putting green. Make your 18-hole putts goal of 30 or less and watch your handicap plumet very quickly!

How to Drive the Ball Longer & Straighter!

Take a look at the video and learn how to hit your Driver longer and straighter by releasing your club head properly. You will hit more fairways and have more FUN too!

Bunker Shots Simplified!

Learn how to consistently get your ball out of the bunker, it is a lot simpler than you might have previously thought. Take a look and have some FUN!

Process / Pre-Shot Routine

It is not a hit and hope thing! Create a process or pre-shot routine for yourself you can follow on every shot for more focus, consistency, and SUCCESS!

How to Stop Chili-dipping!

A simple way to cure the chili-dip is to make sure your balance returns to your front foot, knee, hip prior to the start of your down swing. This will allow you to strike the ball first then the turf.

Putting Simplified!

If it is truly a golf swing why would a 2-foot putt be any different than a 250 yard drive? As long as it is a swinging motion and not a hitting motion the putt will be very similar to all your other golf swings.

How to add 50+ Yards to Your Drive!

There is a major distinction between a golf swing and a golf hit. A golf swing is un-interrupted motion and a golf hit is interrupted motion. 

How to Grip the Golf Club Properly

Your hands control the club face and your club face controls the direction of the golf ball.