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2024 - PGA Jr. League

PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity for      boys and girls to learn and play golf as a member of a team.

The Program brings family and friends togehter around fun team golf experiences with expert coaching from LPGA and PGA professionals.


**Registration Opens: H-1/26/2024**

2024 - PGA Jr. League

Game Schedule


Welcome Players, Parents, Coaches!! 

Let’s Go Have Some FUN!!!

Team Work Makes the DREAM Work!

2022  SEASON

Congratulations to 

"Capture the Cup"

2022 Winners: JP2-Tigers!!


Michael, Chris, Jean-Marie, John

2022 - PGA Jr. League  

Game Schedule 

 2021 SEASON

  2019 SEASON

Congratulations on another

FUN and Successful

PGAJL Season!!

    All 3 JP Teams Practice

         JP1 / JP2 / JP17U

    1. SU-3/3/24,   3:00-4:30     

    2. SU-3/10/24, 3:00-4:30

    3. SU-3/24/24, 3:00-4:30

    4. H-4/11/24,   5:00-6:30

    5. H-4/18/24,   5:00-6:30

    6. H-4/25/24,   5:00-6:30


Welcome Players, Parents, Coaches!! 

 2020 SEASON

                                                                                   Game  Schedule

                                                                                 Modified LOCAL Rules

                                                                                                           Sample Score Card


Congratulation Players, Parents, Coaches on Another FUN and Successful PGAJL Season!! 

JP1 is the Championship Team this year and the "Capture the Cup" trophy returns to John Prince